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Wtalk XP SP3 v1.0

Wtalk XP SP3 v1.0

Wtalk XP SP3 v1.0 | 983MB

some screen :

1. Speed
2. Theme
3. Installation

1. Wtalk XP is not focused on number of programs in WPI, not focused on looks, but its focused on Speed. Many customized XP comes with programs that slow your computer down such as:
Windows Blinds
Norton Anti-Virus
Mcaffee Anti-Virus
and there are many more of themes

Windows XP is slow because it comes with a lot of useless garbage. Wtalk XP gets rid of that. Here are just a few things that have been removed.
Alexa (Windows XP Built-In Spyware)
Windows Messenger

We have also removed many services, some old hardware support (Brother Devices), and much much more. The windows installation disc without all the extras is about 350mb. We could have removed a lot more but that would make it so not everyone would be able to use it. This version of Windows is just about as generic as it gets!

2. Looks aren't the most important thing but Wtalk XP Looks Great!
Wtalk XP also has a nice looking theme, heres a picture of the theme

3. Wtalk XP has a very speedy installation. First you do your normal partitioning stuff and then from then on you can go and do whatever you want. Come back in 15 minuites to a half hour and you will be loaded into Wtalk XP.
4.Windows Post Installation Wizard is a great program. It shows a menu of programs that you can install on either 1st boot or 2nd boot. I have chosen to make it 2nd boot so you may install your drivers then restart. WPI has a total of 32 applications. It has all your needed stuff like:
Maintence Programs (Ccleaner, Registry Mechanic, etc)
Anti-Virus Software (Avast, Nod32, ZoneAlarm, etc)
Internet Applications (Firefox, Opera, Pidgin IM, etc)
Tweaks (Speed up Start Menu Starting up, Kill Hung Processes, etc)
and much more!

There is one bug and that is where it asks you to if you would like to continue running scrips on this page. Hit yes otherwise WPI will not load

If something goes wrong and you cannot start WPI then go to your cdrom drive and open the folder WPI and double click wpi.hta and it will load.

download link :


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