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Windows XP Ultimate Edition 4 in 1 September 2008 - Release 3.9.3 [XP Pro,XP Tablet,Media Center,Vista,Vista Ultimate,Linux in 1]

Windows XP Ultimate Edition 4 in 1 September 2008 - Release 3.9.3

Windows XP Ultimate Edition 4 in 1 September 2008 - Release 3.9.3 [XP Pro,XP Tablet,Media Center,Vista,Vista Ultimate,Linux in 1] |3440MB

Windows XP Ultimate Edition 4 in 1 September 2008 (by Johnny) x86 ENGLISH (DVD).Windows XP Ultimate Edition is a custom Windows XP Professional Edition that includes several software integrated as components that in my point of view should of have always been part of windows.This is not an official release from Microsoft.Experience all in one: Windows XP Professional (Performance, Compatibility and Connectivity,User Interface),Windows XP Media Center 2005 (Entertainment), Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 (Portability), Windows Vista Ultimate (User Interface and New Generation Applications), Mac OS (User Interface), Linux (User Interface), Plus (SATA and RAID Support, Integrated Updates, Actived , no need key add, You can install on PC and MACbook) and much more...
some screen :

::::::::Windows XP Ultimate Edition 4 in 1 September 2008 (by Johnny) x86 ENGLISH (DVD)::::::::
Experience all in one:
* Windows XP Professional
- Performance, Compatibility and Connectivity
- User Interface
* Windows XP Media Center 2005
- Entertainment
* Windows XP Tablet PC 2005
- Portability
* Windows Vista Ultimate
- User Interface and New Generation Applications
* Mac OS
- User Interface
* Linux
- User Interface
- SATA and RAID Support
- Integrated Updates
- Actived , no need key add,
You can install on PC and MAcbook
and much more...
::::::::FAQ ::::::::

::::::::What is Windows XP Ultimate Edition?::::::::
Windows XP Ultimate Edition is a custom Windows XP Professional Edition that includes several software integrated as components that in my point of view should of have always been part of windows.
This is not an official release from Microsoft.

::::::::Why is the ISO 4GB?::::::::
There are a couple of things that make the ISO that big.

Here are the most relevant:

* Dreamscene Wallpapers: about 1GB
* Nero: about 660MB
* Windows Dancers: about 550MB
* Frameworks: about 280MB

::::::::Does Windows XP Ultimate have viruses, my AV just flagged a couple of files?::::::::
No. Windows XP does not have any viruses of any kind. In fact each release is carefully checked before uploading.
If your Anti-Virus is flagging any file as a virus, it is a False Alert.
Cross-Check with other anti-virus and update your virus definition database.

Windows XP Ultimate Edition has all it's custom configuration and repair tool files compiled with programming tools.
As some viruses are also made with these same programming tools, some of these Windows XP Ultimate's configuration files may be mistakenly flagged as viruses(False Positives).
Normaly AV companies will take this into account and most likely following virus definitions will no longer trigger the False Positives.
Also feel free to send any flagged file to any AV company for analisys.
But then again, make sure you are downloading from the official Release Sites and Uploaders.

::::::::Does Windows XP Ultimate include any Support?::::::::
Windows XP Ultimate Edition is provided for Free and As It Is, with no guarantees or professional support.
The only support is this website and the comunity at the Official Release Sites.

::::::::Can I upgrade from previous release?::::::::
No. Please make a clean install.
Windows XP Ultimate is complex and it uses several diferent installers for the diferent components and upgrading will most likely mess any part of the install process or even hang up the whole setup.
It's just not possible to make an upgrade due to all of the install processes merged in the whole setup!

::::::::I can't restart from the DVD, did I do something wrong?::::::::
First make sure you burned it properly.
You only have to burn the downloaded ISO as an image to a DVD - do not extract, it's ready to be burned.
After properly burning it, restart your PC with the DVD inserted and upon restart go to the BIOS and make sure the PC is set to boot first from the DVD Drive which contains Windows XP Ultimate.
Exit the BIOS and let it reboot, you will see a message like "Press a key to start from DVD..." - just press any key and it will enter the first phase of the setup.

::::::::The setup is in the 12 mins stage and is taking so long, why is that?::::::::
This is normal, Windows XP Ultimate takes longer than standard XP Pro to install.
It's just impossible to install a larger amount of components and software in the same amount of time as standard XP takes!
The Frameworks (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5) will take the majority of the time - about 15 to 20 mins... the other components will be faster.
Also on the last phase of the setup, Nero will take most of the time.

::::::::Can I use my purchased key?::::::::
Yes you can and you should.
Windows XP Ultimate will accept any V.L. Key.
To insert your key you can use Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder :

::::::::Can I disable any of the XP Ultimate components?::::::::
Yes, the way you disable it depends on the component:

* Some components/software have their own options to be disabled - just go to their settings/options menus
* Use the System Configuration tool to choose which components load at windows startup:
Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools - Click "System Configuration" and go to the Startup tab.
Uncheck any component that you wish to disable.
* Some components load trough the Ultimate Services process:
Go to Start -> Run - and enter "ultsvcs /?" to see available options.
Then go to the Registry Editor and look for the following Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Then click on "UltimateServices" and add the desired options to it.

::::::::You can install on PC and MAcbook::::::::
My girlfriend has a MacBook with an Intel processor, and she doesn't really know how to use Mac OS-X very effectively. It's been a huge pain in the ass honestly.

Recently I used Apple BootCamp to make her laptop a dual boot, and I installed a version of Ultimate XP, but to make it seem still like a Mac, I used the Mac style and pointer and sound scheme, and then added RocketDock and customized it to look even more like a Mac.

Now it looks and sounds like a Mac, but it's Windows XP Ultimate Edition and she loves it!

Thanks a bunch for putting this all together!

::::::::Change :::::::::

::::::::September 2008 - Release 3.9.3::::::::
- Integrated more windows updates (only updates that slipstream with nlite are included)
- Disabled by default the mouse hotspot for the flip3d/expose (Topdesk)
- Updated Adobe Reader (now also includes Adobe AIR!)
- Updated Nero
- Updated AVG
- Updated CCleaner
- Updated FFDShow
- Updated Java

::::::::July 2008 - Release 3.9.2::::::::
- Internal code optimizations on rtusercfg.exe
- Integrated more post SP3 updates
- Media Center Extenders Installation bug fixed
- Updated TrueTransparency
- Updated FFDShow
- Updated VisualTaskTips
- Updated AVG
- Updated CCleaner

::::::::June 2008 - Release 3.9.1::::::::
- Fixed Bug on the boot screen
- Updated DirectX
- Updated FFDShow
- Updated CCleaner
- Updated Nero Diskcopy Gadget
::::::::June 2008 - Release 3.9::::::::
- XP SP3 RTM Based (Build 5512)
Based on the integrated image of Windows XP SP3 microsoft released on Technet
- Integrated post SP3 updates
- Updated Sata/Raid drivers (MassStorage Driver Pack v8.05)
- Updated the WGA ActiveX Control to latest version
- Updated IE Flash Plugin
- Made some changes/adjustments to the UI System Files Repair Tool
- A few changes to some UI system files
- Updated some XP Ultimate components
- Fixed Bug with the Microsoft Plus Themes not loading
- Fixed Bug of the LClock Control Panel unavailability - It is now available and fully functional
- Added Stacks to the Dock Bar
- Updated Nero
- Updated FFDShow
- Updated CCleaner
- Updated VisualTaskTips
- Updated TrueTransparency (new features and stability improvements)
- Improvements to the TT Aero Skin o take advantage of the new features of the latest TrueTransparency version
- Removed Windows Defender
- Updated AVG to version 8 which is both Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

::::::::April 2008 - Release 3.8::::::::
- XP SP3 based (Release Candidate Build 5508)
- Media Center 2005 updated with Rollup 2 - instead of being updated with SP3(downgraded)
- Moved UltimateServices from LocalMachine to CurrentUser to allow configuration per user
- Updated Windows Sidebar to Sidebar from Vista SP1 RTM
- No more bug on uninstalling Gadgets in the sidebar gallery
- Updated Adobe Reader
- Updated AVG
- Updated DirectX 9c
- Updated Java
- Updated CCleaner
::::::::March 2008 - Release 3.7::::::::
- 100% XP SP3 based (Release Candidate Build 3311)
- Famous student key
- Updated the Sata/Raid Drivers Pack (MassStorage 8.02.1)
- Updated several Windows XP Ultimate's components
- Updated AVG
- A few optimizations to the ultdrvmon.exe process (Drive Monitoring Process)
- A few more tweaks to the OS

::::::::February 2008 - Release 3.6::::::::
- Most polished and clean release! (Getting ready to final release with SP3 RTM)
- 100% XP SP3 based (Release Candidate Build 3282)
- Updated the Sata/Raid Drivers Pack
- Integrated KB888111 (HDAudio HotFix)
- More improvements to the UI system files
- Default GUI is now Windows XP (after all this is Windows XP!)
- Sidebar is Disabled by default (Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories - to enable)
- Moved some options to the Start Button's context menu (right click)
- Some improvements and fixes to the MacOS GUI
- Got access to the Source Code of the Drive Icons process, and have entirely rewrited it with new features and icons:
More efficient monitoring, detects if empty or loaded removable media(ie.:card readers), supports network drives...
- Windows Explorer has been totally revised and has now among other features:
Tabbed browsing, Full row selection (details view), file extention excluded on renaming, direct search,...
- Added LClock with Calendar
- Added Transbar (Right Click on Start Button to choose Taskbar Transparency)
- Added CCleaner and a Shortcut for it @ Computer => Right Click (Cleanup)
- Updated Nero to version 8.2.8
- Updated ViStart
- Added DVD covers

::::::::January 2008 - Release 3.5::::::::
- Improved overall Stability
- 100% XP SP3 based (Release Candidate Build 3264)
- Updated SATA and RAID support
- More improvements to the UI system files
- Fixed bug causing some configuration files to be extracted from the install DVD without reseting the read-only attribute.
- Fixed Language Bar bug (it can now be enabled)
- Added several more Dreamscenes and Dreamscapes (all encoded into XP Ultimate DreamScenes)
- Added Vista Drive Icons with usage info bar
- Updated Flash plugin
- Replaced YODM3D with DeskSpace
- Reverted back to FFDShow Beta3 (FFDShow Beta4 has a HUGE Bug that caused problems to several games)

::::::::December 2007 - Release 3.4::::::::
- Completely revised Ultimate setup process (all frameworks and adobe acrobat reader are installed during 2nd stage of window setup)
- Faster Windows Setup
- Added .Net Framework 3.5
- Updated FFDShow filter

::::::::December 2007 - Release 3.3::::::::
- Added a simple AutoRun Screen
- 100% XP SP3 based (Build 3244 - Release Candidate)
- Several improvements to the UI
- Added Energy Noir (Royale Noir) color scheme to the Windows XP style
- Added Dreamscene wallpapers
- Fixed bug in the Sidebar install process that prevented some gadgets (ie.:Weather Gadget) to function properly
- Added ViStart
- Updated Nero to version 8 with same configuration


- Burn the ISO to DVD.
- Restart computer from DVD and install from there.
- Reply to requested information like: partition to install, input language, computer name, network settings, user names...


download link :


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