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Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD eXPerience

Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD eXPerience

Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD eXPerience | 4020MB

This DVD includes the following:Windows 2000 Professional SP4 - 16 Different Installations,Windows XP Professional SP2 - 16 Different Installations,Windows Server 2003 R2 EE SP2 - 16 Different Installations.You can also choose the type of Windows installation:Original,Full,Tiny,Micro.You can choose with or without IE/WMP(Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player).You can choose with or without additional "Driverpacks".You also have the ability to create standalone ISO files of: Any of the 48 included Windows installations.Make a rescue CD with Acronis, MiniPE, Hiren's ,BootCD and @love Small Linux.Includes 174 Optional Programscover the following 31 categories:AntiVirus, Appearance, Audio, Browsers, Burning, Chat, Cleaners,Codecs, Compression, Defrag, DVD+CD, Exploration, Firewall, Game,Hex, Internet, Misc, Movie, Multimedia,Office, P2P, Picture,Players, Programming, Recovery, Registry, Runtimes, Security,System, Web, Windows. (Open the folder "Install Programs" on the DVD to install whichever programs you want)
Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD

By eXPerience

This DVD includes the following:

Windows 2000 Professional SP4 - 16 Different Installations
Windows XP Professional SP2 - 16 Different Installations
Windows Server 2003 R2 EE SP2 - 16 Different Installations

You can also choose the type of Windows installation:


You can choose with or without IE/WMP
(Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player).

You can choose with or without additional "Driverpacks"


You also have the ability to create standalone ISO files of:

Any of the 48 included Windows installations
Make a rescue CD with Acronis, MiniPE, Hiren's
BootCD and @love Small Linux.

For full information on the standalone ISO creation,
open the "Create An ISO" folder on the DVD.


Includes 174 Optional Programs:

Open the folder "Install Programs" on the
DVD to install whichever programs you want.

All programs are the latest version to the time this DVD was created.

The 174 programs cover the following 31 categories:

AntiVirus, Appearance, Audio, Browsers, Burning, Chat, Cleaners,
Codecs, Compression, Defrag, DVD+CD, Exploration, Firewall, Game,
Hex, Internet, Misc, Movie, Multimedia, Office, P2P, Picture,
Players, Programming, Recovery, Registry, Runtimes, Security,
System, Web, Windows.


Bootable options:

Acronis v11 Home: So you can backup
or restore your partition/hard drive.

MiniPE: a live WinPE environment based on Windows XP that is updated
to summer 2007 and has a vast amount of programs included to diagnose
and repair your system whilst it is offline (shut down).

Hiren's BootCD: including a vast amount of programs to diagnose
and repair your system whilst it is offline (shut down).

@love Small Linux: Knoppix based live Linux environment.

For more information about these bootable choices , see the
"Bootable Rescue Environments" folder that is inside the
"About This DVD" folder.


Extracting / Burning This DVD:

When you have downloaded this DVD, Open the first RAR file with
WinRAR and inside you will see the file ending in ".iso". Drag
that ".iso" file out of the WinRAR window. It will take a few
minutes to extract. Once that file is dragged out and has finished
extracting, you do not need to extract anything else. Don't extract
the actual ISO file itself, even if it has a WinRAR icon, all that
means is you have got WinRAR set to open ISO files and you have
"File Extensions" turned off in Windows, so you don't even know
it is an ISO file.

This ISO file is already bootable. When you burn this ISO file to
a DVD, make sure you burn it slower than you normally would - for
all DVD discs (rewritable or normal DVD-R / DVD+R), burn the ISO at
1x, regardless of how fast your burner and discs are! Do not burn
the ISO any faster than this, because this DVD contains more than
250,000 files - if you do not burn the ISO file SLOWLY, you will
get read errors, guaranteed. If you can't wait the extra 15 or 20
minutes it takes to burn this disc at 1x, don't expect this DVD to
work when you come to install Windows from it, you will get ASMS
errors etc, it happens every time if you burn too fast with these
multi boot discs.

Just right click the ISO file and open it with Nero, then burn it
at 1x as an image, not as a data disc!


Why So Many Folders?

Because of the sheer amount of choices on this DVD (48 Windows
installations) there are a lot of folders and files on the root
of this DVD, but don't worry about that, you only ever need to
open the following folders. Note that all these folders are the
first folders on this DVD because they all have a dash in front
of the folder name, no need to scroll down or look anywhere else,
everything you need is in these 4 folders:

About This DVD - This is the folder with all the information
about what is contained on this DVD and how to use it.

Create An ISO - This folder is laid out the same as the boot menu is.
Just click through the folders, choosing each option until you get
to a file called either "CD.bat" or DVD.bat". There you can make a
seperate ISO file of any of the included 48 Windows installations,
you can also make a CD sized ISO of the four "Bootable Rescue
Environments" - Acronis, MiniPE, Hiren's BootCD and @love Small

Install Programs - This folder contains the Windows Post Install
wizard where you can install any programs you want. There are 174
programs on this menu, all will install without any user interaction.
You also get a shortcut on your Desktop when you run the "Install
Programs" file from the DVD, so you do not have to keep looking on
the DVD for this file after the first time it has run.


My Antivirus Detects About 200 Trojans In This DVD?

Some Antivirus programs, namely Avast!, BitDefender, ClamWin and
probably others - claim that they have found a trojan when what
they have really found is simply a file they cannot scan inside.
All this is covered in the "About This DVD" folder on the DVD.
Just open the folder called "Viruses and Trojans" and there are
examples of the files that might trigger antivirus alerts along
with info about what each file is and what it does. If you have
"Comodo BOClean" running when you install any of the silent
installs from the APPS folder (or if you simply run the "Install
Programs.exe") it too will claim that it has found a trojan every
single time an install runs. If you use BOClean, sorry but you're
either going to have to shut that down when installing any of
these programs, or just don't use this DVD at all.
Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD
by eXPerience on 25 Oct 2007 10:15 pm

Firstly, thanks to all the people who have chosen to seed this mammoth project.

Secondly, this topic is not here for me to give advice on how to strip Windows, or any of that.

If its a simple enough question I don't mind answering but, I am only one guy OK... I can't just continually answer questions all the time like "Why no Chinese in the Tiny version" or any such questions, I just won't answer these questions, period!

Have you downloaded the torrent from Pirate Bay?


Have you extracted the ISO from the RAR parts?

Heres the SHA-512 checksum:


Use "HashCalc" to check the checksum of the ISO. That might take a while (10 or 20 minutes) on a slow-ish system.


Don't forget to burn the ISO as an image and only burn it at 1x, or as slow as possible.


Here is a broken down version of the FAQ ChazzMatt posted, its probably worded better than anything I could have said so, I stole it ChazzMatt!

Well, I added some stuff, re-worded other stuff, took other stuff out but the basics of it are what ChazzMatt posted on TPB.

A lot of this can also be found in the folder "About This DVD" on the DVD itself, but maybe you have not fully downloaded it yet, if so heres a FAQ.




Question: I found a lot of viruses in this DVD?

Answer: These are false positives. Don't use a toy AntiVirus. When you have this DVD, this is fully covered in the "About This DVD" folder - there is a folder inside that folder called "Viruses and Trojans" where there are even examples of those files, along with a HTM file explaining what each file does.


Question: I extracted the ISO and it won't fit on a DVD?

Answer: Do not extract the ISO file itself. Yes, you DO extract (or just drag out of WinRAR) the ISO file but thats it, you should only have the one ISO file then, do not extract the actual ISO file itself!


Question: I mounted the ISO with Daemon tools and tried to install over my current stock XP. It doesn't work.

Answer: You should only install any of these Windows installations by booting from the DVD! There is no "Setup.exe" on the disc and you cannot do any sort of "Upgrade" install from within Windows itself, however, if you make a standalone ISO of the full Windows, you can actually do this, also, you could put those files (from the standalone CD/DVD you made) on your hard disk to install from within Windows, but I don't know how to do that, its all in DOS etc but yes, totally possible if you know how, if you make a standalone ISO of one of the "Full" installs, its just that - a complete installation, including all languages, upgrade option with WINNT32.EXE in I386 and the setup.exe on the root of the CD/DVD you made.


Question: DVD is unreadable, I get ASMS and GdiPlus errors. (or similar, any read error)

Answer: Burn this DVD at 1x. yes, that takes 28 minutes not 3.5 minutes, but you must burn as slow as possible. Also, use a good brand of disc. Taiyo Yuden are out there way in front of any other brand, they cost more but you get what you pay for with blank media, always try to get Taiyo Yuden for DVD's like this that have thousands and thousands of files on the DVD. You are getting this masterpiece for free, so spend some time and money so it can work right. Also, only use ImgBurn or Nero, and be sure to use their "verify" feature.


Question: My S-ATA drive is not detected? I can't even install Windows?

Answer: 99.99% of drivers are there in the driver packs. You might get the infamous "iaStore.sys" error, a known error a few months back... all you can do is choose the same option again but without driverpacks. You can't press F6 if you are installing an unattended install.


Question: How do I install African Swahili and use my Tibetian keyboard? And sometimes I also want to chat with my friends in Kurukh while using my Nepali keyboard?

{Pause here to LOL a bit at ChazzMatts comments on this] But he is right tho...

Answer: If you install the Tiny or Micro version, you WON'T HAVE ASIAN OR ARABIC LANGUAGES. The answer is, do not install the Tiny or Micro (or XSOS) version - use the "Full" version instead, that includes everything.


Question: I don't want to install with driverpacks because I don't want a bloated mess of unneeded drivers on my hard drive.

Answer: Only the drivers that are needed for your devices are installed, no others. When Windows has finished installing, all the drivers that extracted to your hard drive in the beginning are deleted, so you do not have a big folder of drivers on your hard disk afterwards.


Question: I see you removed some Microsoft drivers?

Answer: Yes, but only in the "Tiny" and "Micro" installs. The Tiny installs have Printer drivers removed and perhaps a few other drivers like the OLD graphics drivers... these are hardly ever needed and are replaced with far better 2007 version drivers if you choose an option with driverpacks when you install Windows.


Question: I have a scanner and digital camera. I can't get MicroXP to recognize them. What do I do?

Answer: There is nothing you can do, that OS (Micro or XSOS) does not support Scanners, or digital cameras, or a whole host of other things. Except for those "Micro" and "XSOS" installs, most services in the other tweaked releases have just been disabled - not completely removed. Check the Microsoft services and enable the ones you need. If you need more services, be sure you use a Tiny - not Micro - so you have that flexibility.


Question: I chose the NO Internet Explorer option because I refuse to use Microsoft products - even though I use Windows XP, Microsoft Office, and XBOX 360. But now the obscure music site I get my cool Ukraine rap songs from require IE 6.0 or later. What reg tweak do I use to add it back?

Answer: You might be able to use a portable IE from somewhere, but can't install IE. You chose the NO IE option so you get NO IE. Instead choose an install option WITH IE and just don't use it, if you don't want to. But you never know when you might need, right?


NOTE: Don't post any one liners in this topic like "w00t this is great" or anything, it will be deleted if I see it!

I appreciate all the thanks I get... I continually get thanks, no need to say thanks, which sounds like I am a stuck up f**cker but, I KNOW people want to say thanks - you don't need to though, this topic needs to stay as organized as possible, people don't want to scroll past scores of posts that arn't asking serious questions about problems you might have.

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this DVD require burn with slow speed , if you burn with high speed will be miss file,
you need ImageBurn to burn: http://www.imgburn.com/ để burn.

Burning at 1x with ImgBurn

1 - Put in a disc in your DVD-ROM thats the same brand of disc
as the one you're burning onto, blank or not, it doesn't matter.

2 - In IMG Burn, click "Tools" then "Automatic Write Speed..."

3 - Under "Settings" where it says "Write speed" set it to 1x

4 - Theres a button with a CD and green arrow on it - click that and it will set the disc ID.

5 - After clicking that button, right next to that button it has an "Add" button - click that.

6 - Click OK.

download link :


pass (if need) : downarchive

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