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Driver Finder,updater Software

Driver Finder,updater Software (AIO)

Driver Finder,updater Software (AIO) | 38MB

Driver Finder,updater Software (AIO)

You can driver this software and dont waste time
Driver Genius Professional Edition
Driver Magician v3.32
Unknown Devices 1.4.18
Driver Updater Pro
Driver Cleaner.NET v3.2.2.0
DriverGuide Toolkit v2.0.16
DriverMax 4.4
HunterSoft My Drives Pro v3.22
Uniblue DriverScanner 2009 v2.0.0.26
:::::::::::Driver Genius Professional Edition
Driver Genius Professional Edition For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/x 64
version New Version!

Driver Genius Professional manage your PC to get 100% up to date Drivers and optimize PC performance. Driver Genius Professional is a powerful driver manager for Windows that can backup, restore ,search and update your drivers automatically in several mouse clicks!

Quickly backup device drivers for your computer. Free backup all drivers now!

Just need one click to restore all drivers at one time.

Clone your drivers to an EXE auto-installer. Easy to install drivers to many same machines.

Easy to get the most recent drivers for your computer. Keep your drivers up to date.

Remove invalid or useless drivers, infrove system performance and stability.

Device Diagnostics can help you to find device which doesn't work properly or efficiently and offer an useful solution.

Driver Genius Professional is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. Driver Genius provides useful functions such as driver backup, restoration, update and uninstallation for users. If you often reinstall operating system, you can not forget such painful experiences of searching all around world for all kinds of device drivers. If unfortunately you've lost your driver CD, the search process will be more driftless and time-consuming.

Now with Driver Genius, you can backup all drivers first and restore them after system rebuild. This can obviously save your time during the system installation process, you needn't worry about drivers missing any more. Besides, you even can create an automatic installation package for all drivers by Driver Genius. After you rebuild system, you can install all drivers at one time by this automatic restoration program. It's really convenient.

Driver Genius can find driver for a device wisely even system can't do. It can identify the name and vendor's information of device, offer download address for these required driver directly.

Driver Genius also supports online update. There are more than 30,000 most recent version drivers for hardware devices such as motherboard, video card, sound card, network card, modem, monitor, mouse, keyboard, digital camera, video capture card, etc on it's own download server. Because our daily updates work, our customers can get the newest drivers by Driver Genius's LiveUpdate program, which can synchronize to the database on our site momently.
:::::::::::Driver Magician v3.32:::::::::::
Driver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the "saved" drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

What's more, Driver Magician has a built in database of the latest drivers with the ability to go to the Internet to receive the driver updates. It saves lots of time to find the correct drivers and mature drivers will obviously increase the performance of hardware. If there are unknown devices in your PC, Driver Magician helps you detect them easily and quickly with its built in hardware identifier database.

Key features

* Back up device drivers of your computer in four modes.
* Restore device drivers from backup in one mouse click.
* Update device drivers of your PC to improve system performance and stability.
* Unistall device drivers
* Live Update device identifier database and driver update database.
* Detect unknown devices.
* Back up more items such as My Documents and Registry.
* Restore more items from backup.
* Get detailed information of the hardware drivers.
* Clone all drivers to an auto-setup package (.EXE), so you can restore drivers without installing Driver Magician.
What's new
August 18th, 2008 device drivers software - Driver Magician Version 3.32 released
1. Support silent drivers restoration
2. Improve the stability of drivers restoration function
3. Fix a bug in driver update function
4. Update unknown devices database and drivers update database
5. Some minor tweaks
:::::::::::Unknown Devices 1.4.18:::::::::::
nstalling an Operating System can prove to many PC users, but not only, to be a pain in the neck. And that is because in this neverending upgrade of hardware your OS, mostly if it is older, might lack information about your recently installed hardware. After completing the installation of your hardware, your OS will show in system tray a small icon that pops a menu about identifying this new device. If the device is known the OS will automatically install the driver for you (if you set it to do so), but if not, you will find yourself having to install the driver on your own. If you know what it is and mostly if you have an installation CD (that usually came with the device), it is very easy to solve this problem.

But a bigger problem appears when clean installing your OS and, as it usually happens with Windows, you have several Unknown devices and you just cannot tell which one is which. You might try installing the drivers by chance but it is wrong first because that device will surely not work properly and second because you cannot always rely on a perfect Roll Back or Uninstall and this is because, as in most software situations, you will be stuck with some Registry leftovers and after eventually installing the right driver, that device still might not work properly. So in this unfortunate situation it is definitely best to reinstall your operating system all over again.

You might ask what should you do to handle this situation by the book. As Windows doesn't provide a satisfying solution to this problem there are three more options left. First one is to attach each device at a time, but this surely takes time and in our speeding world "time is money". Second option is to run the installation CD that comes with each device (at
least it should), and hope it will be able to find and install the Unknown device but this is risky too because in the case of the "wow" OS (Windows Vista), some applications are not supported and you have to look (most probably) over the Internet to find a driver that suits your needs. But how to search if you don't know for what. So the third most reliable option is here to help you with all this hard time.

Unknown Devices is an application that can solve this real issue by providing the name or/and type of device that your OS was unable to recognize. The good thing about this program is that it doesn't need to be installed on your computer, so it can successfully work from any removable devices (if they are previously installed) or from a CD/DVD disk. You will easily get used to its main window because it looks just like Device Manager but with only one difference and that is you won't find any Unknown Device phrase except for the Tile Bar.

The application proves to have answers for a lot of devices of all types starting from the usual Ethernet hardware, which we all know this is the only door to the Internet, Display adapters, the "pass cards" to our video entertainment, Audio devices which link the audio files to our ears, to TV tuners, our cable to PC connection and Wireless adapters which provide us safety and mobility.

This handy software comes with a large database of more than 20000 names of devices and the best part is that it was built with information from the common users. The application is able to recognize several types of devices such as PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express (an improved technology that replaces PCI and AGP slots), and SLI (Scan Line Interleave - Voodoo, Scalable Link Interface - NVIDIA) capable graphic cards.

The Program has also some other options that will help you through solving the device problems and you can choose between Show All/Unknown present Only form the List menu, the Search Web For Device and it will Google search the selected device, it can Lookup Hardware ID in the Tools menu and Redetect in Debug mode.

The application doesn't support ISA(Industry Standard Architecture) based devices used on older motherboards (Windows Vista supports only, but not as default, ISA Plug'n'Play) and PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) cards that are older versions of ExpressCards used for laptops. The newer generation of laptops come equipped only for USB and Firewire connection devices.

The Good

Unknown Devices is a helpful application which comes to replace the sometimes incapable Device Manager and provide you essential information about an unrecognized device. It has a large database that can easily be updated from the developers web site.

The Bad

The application lacks the knowledge for ISA and PCMCIA devices and because it searches the registries for the unknown hardware it is possible to find some devices that are no longer attached to your computer.

The Truth

It's a reliable application, with a large database filled with hardware names and it helps which helps you with finding unknown devices and drivers for them so you can fully benefit from your hardware configuration.
:::::::::::Driver Updater Pro
This software will optimize your system by finding driver updates.

Driver Updater Pro is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. Driver Updater Pro provides such practical function as driver update. If you often reinstall your operating system, you may not forget such painful experiences of searching all around for all kinds of drivers.

Ig you happened to lose your drivers CD, the attempt to recover them will be very troublesome and time-consuming.

Here are some key features of "Driver Updater Pro":

· Access to over 1.000.000 device drivers
· Highly intelligent engine that finds old drivers
· High scanning speed with detailed result
· Load Windows faster and reduce Windows startup time
· Run applications smoothly and prevent application crashes
· Improve system performance and stability
· Simple and User friendly interface


Minimal system configuration:
· Intel Pentium or AMD K5 processor with 200 MHz
· 32 MB RAM
· 20 MB free hard disk space at least
· Graphics mode 800x600 with 16-bit colors
· Internet access

Recommended system configuration:
· Intel Pentium 3/4 or AMD Athlon processor with 500 or above MHz
· 128 MB RAM or more
· 30 MB or more free hard disk space
· Graphics mode 1024x768 with 32-bit color
· Internet access


· Will not update the drivers, only displays the ones that are out-of-date
:::::::::::Driver Cleaner.NET v3.2.2.0:::::::::::

* DO YOU WANT optimal speed performance?
* DO YOU HAVE the most up-to-date drivers installed?
* DO YOU SUFFER from corrupt graphics?
* DO YOU NEED help solving a driver related issue?
* DO YOU WANT an easy solution to graphics problems?

Driver Cleaner.NET has been completely rewritten from the ground up to fully support .net framework which runs in Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 and natively in Windows Vista.
Driver Cleaner.NET is a program which helps you to remove parts of drivers that are left after uninstalling the old drivers. The program is for ATI, nVidia, Creative, Realtek, SIS, 3Dfx, S3 and more drivers. First you need to uninstall the drivers from the control panel, then reboot to safemode. After rebooting, run the program. For a good description of what steps you should take, you really need to read the help file as it contains detailed instructions and descriptions.
Cab Cleaner.NET is a program that will clean the cab files. It is possible that windows will overwrite driver files with older files or install drivers from the cab files. Cab Cleaner will remove the ATI and nVidia files from the cab file to prevent this.
Live Update.NET will look online for new versions of the program files and filters and will download them if there are new versions. This has the advantage that you get new filters and updates to existing program files without uninstalling and reinstalling the program.
:::::::::::DriverGuide Toolkit v2.0.16:::::::::::
DriverGuide Toolkit identifies and lists drivers installed on your computer
and, when connected to the Internet, allows you to search DriverGuide.com
(and other sources) for driver updates and manufacturer sites. In addition,
it allows you to backup your currently installed drivers for safe keeping.
Backing up your Windows driver files means that they will be available to
you the next time you need to reinstall the driver or the whole operating
DriverGuide Toolkit places the driver files in one organized location of
your choosing.
:::::::::::DriverMax 4.4:::::::::::
Note: DriverMax only works on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003 (all service packs). Driver downloads are *only* available for Windows Vista and Windows XP users.

DriverMax is a new tool that allows you to download the latest driver updates for your computer. No more searching for rare drivers on discs or on the web or inserting one installation CD after the other. Just create a free account, log in, and start downloading the updates that you need.

You can also export all your current drivers (or just the ones that work ok) to a folder or a compressed file. After reinstalling Windows you will have everything in one place!

Most of the situations when Windows is running slower are caused by faulty driver installations. Windows stores all versions of older drivers just in case you want to go back; sometimes it messes up older versions with more recent ones. The Export Wizard will only export the drivers you select by copying the needed files to a folder or a compressed ZIP file.

After reinstalling Windows all drivers will be back in place in less than 5 minutes - sparing you of searching, inserting disc after disk and losing precious time. The Import Drivers wizard allows you to install all the drivers that you exported earlier. The entire operation might take up to 5-10 minutes.

Just one single computer restart will be required after all drivers are reinstalled!

DriverMax is able to display a complete report of all drivers (versions, release dates) installed on your system. This feature can also be very useful when you want to analyze the differences between the drivers installed on different machines.
:::::::::::HunterSoft My Drivers Pro v3.22:::::::::::
Device driver backup utility designed to backup driver of your system in case of system crash or reinstallation of Windows. Automatic install / restore, update device drivers and find drivers for your unknown devices.

My Drivers enables easy and fast detection, backup and restore of all hardware device drivers currently on your system. Also, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. With just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backed-up to any folder you want. When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore all drivers by clicking a button. Once after a reboot, all the drivers will be re-installed and will function well. You may also choose to backup a particular driver or all the drivers with an EXE automatic installer. If you have a particular item of hardware that is troublesome, just remove the driver with this software. It is especially useful to those who have lost their Driver Disk or Driver CD. My Drivers is able to clone the original driver installation. It is also capable of serving those people to find and install the appropriate and latest drivers for their hardware devices. My Drivers identifies almost all hardware devices, reported information includes device model, device manufacturer, chip/chipset manufacturer, OEM name, OEM vender. Over 58,600 drivers information and manufacturers and venders information are embedded with the software. You may easily find a driver that will work for a certain device by PnP ID fingerprint comparison, and a compatibility test will be performed before installing a driver that will be downloaded from the Internet. It is optional to create a floppy disc with My Drivers included for further driver management and hardware detection when no drivers are installed on Windows system. If you have a CD-R or CD-RW recorder or another partition, you might backup the entire set of driver files there. My Drivers will also backup the Favorites in Internet Explorer and Proxy Settings and provides a backup for settings for Outlook and Outlook Express.

:::::::::::Uniblue DriverScanner 2009 v2.0.0.26:::::::::::
Unless you update your drivers regularly the odds are that your PC will be slower or more likely to crash, or will have problems connecting with peripherals.

The Problem
Computers run hardware devices, such as printers or graphics cards, using software called drivers. Without drivers you wouldn’t be able to print a document, read this webpage or connect to the Internet. All hardware elements in your PC, including your graphics and sound card, your motherboard, your hard disk, your modem or even your keyboard, come with drivers. Initially these may have come preinstalled with the operating system, or you may have installed them from the manufacturer’s CD. However the manufacturers will since have improved these drivers by removing bugs and adding extra features or functionality. This means that unless you update your drivers regularly you may face any of a range of problems, from the relatively minor, such as hardware that seems buggy and poorly performing, to the more major such as hardware failures, conflicts and complete system crashes.

The Solution
With so many drivers installed on your system you cannot reasonably keep track of which drivers have been updated, which is why you need driver update management software to help out. Driver Scanner is the perfect solution for automatically updating drivers, saving you the hassle of having to identifying all your system’s drivers, then find updates for them using, before then downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. Driver Scanner scans your PC’s drivers and checks them against our comprehensive library of the latest drivers, to give you a full list of all those that need to be updated. With single click simplicity Driver Scanner will then install each update on your PC. But what’s more, Driver Scanner will also backup all your drivers to an external device, meaning that the next time you reinstall your system you can load up all your latest drivers, from one place.

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